B.E.S.T.T. Innovation

World-changing innovations all share one thing in common. They start with people.
People who care about solving problems, people with ideas, and most importantly people willing to do the hard work of bringing these ideas to market.



  • Entrepreneurship: How To Get Started - Part II

    Master 1
    Entrepreneurship in surgical innovation aims to engage students to become acquainted with definitions and concepts that include the innovation process, regulatory issues, patent law, and the market forces that impact
    • 5 lessons and videos
    • 3 speakers
    • 01:23 hours


  • ultrasound

    To provide a practical exercice on an innovation full cycle from ideation to technologic transfert, by way of realization and validation.

  • Ideas

    To encourage clinical immersion to observe and identify real medical needs

  • checklist

    To provide the knowledge required to validate a medical need by bibliographic research (epidemiology, actual treatments, stakeholders)

  • charty

    To guide prototyping and organize validation test


  • vote

    To confront solutions to regulatory and economic context and study of the prior art of intellectual property

  • handshake

    To develop a pitch for presentation to industry or investors

Our Faculty

Prof. Silvana Perretta

Professor of surgery
Director of education


Vivian Emmely de Ruijter

Pediatric Surgery Fellow

Stanford's Pediatric Health Technology Incubator

Dennis McWilliams

Life science entrepreneur and innovator
Founder and former president of Apollo Endosurgery

Prof. Stefano Stramigioli

Professor of Advancea

University of Twente



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