Master's Degree

Innovation Healthcare

Inspiring and Growing the Next Generation of Medical Innovators


10 students accepted annually

2 years
530 h
Clinical Exposure
12 weeks (clinical) + 4 weeks (company)
160 h
Graduates in Medecine, Sciences, Business and Economics


The B.E.S.T.T. Healthcare Innovation Masters program is an integrated 2 year program, which combines intense “immersions” around core subjects of medical innovation, and independent but supervised work that centers around a particular innovation that students identify on their own to work on.  Personalized feedback from global leaders in the field and coaching from multi-disciplinary team will be provided by on-site interactive and virtual sessions. The program combines e-learning and virtual classes throughout the year, on-site workshops for a total of 5 weeks/year. During the first year, 6 weeks of clinical immersion and a 4-week summer externship are included in the program.


Year 1 provides the basic framework for commercialization of new products from concept to market, together with a framework for identifying needs, brainstorming products, and understanding the key elements of the healthcare innovation ecosystem.   Workshops this year are focused around assuring the students can effectively screen and select their preferred concept.


During Year 2, students will have chosen their concept and will be working towards development and execution of a business plan.  Educational immersions will be focused on practical matters of commercialization, including clinical evaluation, quality systems, manufacturing, and financing. 






Access to high-quality courses designed by experts on the EVE e-learning platform


Access to a complete and coached training through innovative workshops


Real case

Develop your concept and practice directly with your own idea


At the end of the program students will have

  • First year - M1

    • Commercialization Process and Finding a Need through Clinical Immersion
  • Second year - M2

    • Student teams will create an invention and a plan for execution that will be implemented in Year 2 to further develop their product, de-risk any technology issues, and to prepare for funding strategies.
    • Teams will build milestone-based plans to develop and test their concepts, and faculty supervisors will provide assistance in refining the plan and executing the plan through the year.  Students will be given access to incubator facilities that will allow a physical nexus for their student team and ideas to be developed.

    • At the end of Year 2, students will have the option of continuing with their concept, and independently funding and running an actual startup company. 


Combine the best
learning methods

to learn, practice
and improve yourself

On-line 24/7 learning
platform with interactive
and video sessions


Basics of Laparoscopy

This chapter covers the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery for students, residents, and healthcare professionals regardless their background.
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Laparoscopic Procedures

In this chapter, you will be immersed in basic laparoscopic techniques and general surgical strategies explained step-by-step to increase your procedural knowledge and surgical anatomy.


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MIS Technologies

In this chapter, emerging technologies are emphasized in order to advance new minimally invasive surgical strategies.

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Entrepreneurship: How To Get Started - Part II

Entrepreneurship in surgical innovation aims to engage students to become acquainted with definitions and concepts that include the innovation process, regulatory issues, patent law, and the market forces that impact the healthcare innovation proc

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Administrative Registration fees

for the year 2024-2025

  • Registration: 250 €
  • CVEC (Student and Campus Life Contribution): 103 €

Education fees:


Only open as continuing training (no students)

  •  First year: 4000 €
  •  Second year: 3500 €